Piercer Beca

My name is Becca, I’m 30 years old, & I work at Orlando Tattoo -Sandlake. I was born and raised here in Kissimmee, Fl. I’ve been piercing for 12 years now & can pierce a nose in under 60 seconds. Fun fact: I have done over 25 piercings on myself.



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Piercer Alvin

Alvin, born & raised in Ponce, Puerto Rico, has had love & passion for the tattoo & body piercing industry since just a kid. After retiring from the U.S. Marine Corps a little over 10 years ago, I decided to pick up on my passion for the industry & become a body piercer.



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Piercer Mel

My name is Mel & I have been piercing since 2022 Originally from Massachusetts, since a young kid. I love seeing the confidence ooze off my clients, after giving them their new piercing. Being able to give them the chance to be themselves fully & achieve the aesthetic they want to portray through the piercings.



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Piercer Sophie

My name is Sophie, I’m 20 years old, England born & raised. I have been piercing since 2022. I learned about the tattoo & body piercing world & was extremely fascinated. My favorite part of piercing is being able to come up with different piercing designs, especially in the ear.



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Piercer Kim

My name is Kim, originally from Brooklyn NY. After moving to Florida in 2011, I started my piercing career. My clients enjoy my fast & accurate work, along with my outgoing personality & willingness to take the time to explain and answer all questions thoroughly.


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Piercer Eric - Floater

Snow is a visionary tattoo artist known for his ability to bring intricate and ethereal designs to life. His work often incorporates delicate linework and a distinct  blending of subtle shades, resulting in captivating and other worldly tattoos.



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Piercer Carly

born and raise in Florida and have been piercing since 2014. I absolutely love being a piercer so I  could help people express their individual style and boost self confidence. I take pride in knowing I make people smile daily and help them create memories.



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Piercer Chance

Chance is very highly skilled and experienced. He have a keen eye for detail and a steady hand, ensuring each piercing in done with precision and care. the shop is spotlessly clean, and he use the highest quality jewelry and sterilization techniques. i trust him completely to provide a safe and comfortable piercing experience.


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